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     December 2011 - The rocking Lema is delivered to Charlmers Road School Strathfield. Above Livana , Jeffrey & Haris give the Lima a spin. The Schools Principal,Wendy Milburn taking delivery from the Sheds rep for the day Patrick.


November 2011 -   New sign erected by Strathfield Council. So keep an eye out for us behind out new signage. 


  Wednesday  9th November 2011 .

The first Sun Flower in the sheds front garden. The sheds vegetable crop of beans & tom tomatoes continues to flourish.


  October 2011

 A snap shot during a visit  from Jess, Co-ordinatator for Men Shed's Northern Queensland with Alex & our President Jim.

 September 2011

Hydraulic Lift being put to good use in the redesigning on the work shop. Thank you to Burwood Lions Club for the donation which assisted with this equipment purchase


Saturday 18th September

Another successful Tool Sale was held at the Shed. Above some of those who came to find that special treasure. Most buyers said that they found something they wanted.

The outcome of today’s Sale looking good for future Tool Sales.



Wednesday 17th August.

The Shed was visited by Mr John SIDOTI, MP Member of the Legislative Assembly Member for Drummoyne .

He was shown around the Shed by Executive Members and later joined Members at a BBQ lunch. Mr Sidoti was presented by theShed's Secretary Dan Brem one of his famious hand crafted pens. The pen quickly took pride of place within Mr Sidoti's coat pocket .Hope he puts the pen to good use to the benefit of his constitutes.





Wednesday 17th August the Shed took delivery a Mao Sahn MS-25 Drum Sander Seen above being installed by Jim ,Bruce & Dan and finally installed with Terry looking as if he did all the work.

The  purchase of this great machine and accessories was made possible by a donation by the Burwood Lyons Club helping us  acquire another item from our Wish List.


The New Hydraulic Lift arrived and put to use moving the Shed's machinery into their new locations. This made the job easier as seen by the above photos.

We thank Burwood Lyons Club for the donation which made this purchase possible.



The New Hydraulic Lift arrived and put to use moving the Shed's machinery into their new locations. This made the job easier as seen by the above photos.

We thank Burwood Lyons Club for the donation which made this purchase possible.


The first Sun Flower in the sheds front garden. The sheds vegetable crop of beans & tom tomatoes continues to flourish.

Ken's Boat update

9:47AM - 27th February 2011 Posted by dan

Ken has progressed significantly since the last update. The transom is nearly finished and the centre board is the current task. While Ken has been very busy working on the boat he has also managed to take part in the TTTG Saw Sharpening workshop and proclaim that he was amazed by how much he learnt on the day. I guess there was some inspiration there because the next sounds we heard were the hand saw rather than the power saw for the work on the transom.

The cubby house has found a new home

9:42AM - 27th February 2011 Posted by dan

Frank and Rodger are heading up a team of shedders to work on finishing the cubby house project so it can be donated to Chalmers Rd School. The Mayaor of Strathfield is going to do an official opening when everything comes together. We are looking for some sponsordhip for a few of the extra parts that are needed to complete the project. Local businesses will be approached through the Strathfield Chamber of Commerce in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to helping one our local schools.

Olde Fashion Fair on the 7th May 2011

9:37AM - 27th February 2011 Posted by dan

Our work is starting to look good for the stall at Strathfield on the 7th of May. We will have lots of toys and things to sell and we will be able to showcase the pride we have in the mens shed. Hans is working on some wooden trains with Peter F and others helping. I have been out done on the out back master peices with Peter K now making some dunnies with style. We are planning to make many more items for the stall and we are open to ideas. Please share your ideas with me when you see me at the shed or just drop me an email to secretary@starthfieldmensshed.org.au with some diagrams or plans if you have them.

Ken's Boat update

9:08AM - 22nd May 2011 Posted by dan

Now that Ken is back from a month away from the important job of building his boat we can expect to see some progress. We can give him a few days to get back in to the swing of it but the photos and progress reports should start again soon. When you come in to the shed make sure to stop and see how he is going, but don't hold him back from the work.

Official opening of THE CUBBY HOUSE

9:04AM - 22nd May 2011 Posted by dan

On the 18th of May at 10am we sent a deligation of members to Chalmers Rd Public School where the Mayor of Strathfield officially cut the ribbon and declared the cubby house open to the students. The school students and teachers participated in the event and included a sing-a-long in the agenda. There was a morning tea and a chance for us to mingle and meet the staff and the mayor. It was obvious from the reactions that the cubby house will be a much loved addition to the school facilities. We are very proud of the work that we have done and would also like to thank Strathfield Lions club for helping with a $200 donation to help us complete the project. We are looking forward to working on our next community project with the help of our local community support organisations. We learnt that there was more that we can do to help Chalmers Rd PS and will be working on the next project soon. Make sure you look at the gallery to see some of the pictures that were taken on the day and during the building of the cubby house.

7th May 2011 Fair

8:56AM - 22nd May 2011 Posted by dan

The Strathfield Chamber of Commerce organised a fantastic fair. All the standard attractions brought people in from near and far. We made a day of it and sold some of the toys and dunnies and we got our message out. There were over 40 enquiries and we handed out flyers to everyone of them. We are looking forward to meeting these guys again soon when they come in to see the shed in full swing.

The boxes of some of our new members

8:27AM - 22nd May 2011 Posted by dan

We have started to ask new members to make themselves a storage box for use in the shed. There are many aspects to the project of making a box and it is a great oportunity for some interaction with the existing members. The added advantage of the project is to familiarise the new members with some of the machinery and material available to use. So far we have had Michael, David and Peter complete their boxes. All three are very different but they are wonderful work. I am sure that they will all build on the experience and we are all looking forward to working shoulder to shoulder with these new members as they move on to bigger/better projects. In addition to the advantages of having a box to keep your gear in the guys have worked with an existing member and been introduced to many of the other people in the shed. Safety aspects of each machine have been discussed and there are positive signs that our new members are confident about use of the gear.

The Knot Tightens

4:51AM - 17th March 2011 Posted by ed

This is the story of The Knot. The Knot was first conceived from an image on the background of a TV advertisement for a Leonard Cohen concert. With a small conceptual modification it became a wood shaping and carving project for one of our members. First a marking-out pattern was cut from masonite. Then some recycled pine timber was glued together into a block big enough to contain The Knot. The pattern was used to mark-out the shape and a number of machine tools were used to remove all the see-through parts of the design. There followed a series of apparently random markings, saw cuts and chiselings before the first glimpses of The Knot's intriguing design shone forth. Subsequently, there have been lots of hand carving to refine the form and profile of The Knot. Currently, The Knot is in the final stages of fine-grit hand sanding, which will be followed by suitable staining and lacquering. The Knot is expected to have its first public airing at the Strathfield Olde Fashion Fair in May at which point it will be offered for sale. Some pictures of The Knot appear on our Gallery page.

Ken's Boat update

12:13PM - 25th February 2011 Posted by admin

Ken's boat is making some obvious signs of progress and is showing it's presence now that some of the stations are being installed on the framework. The transom station is in place and starting to give us all a more visual guide to the magnitude of this project. Ken will keep us informed through a visual diary here on the website. I am sure there will be plenty of encouragement for him throughout the project.

Tool Sale 2010

12:12PM - 25th February 2011 Posted by admin

We had a very successful day on 15/8 when we hosted Henry's Tool Sale. Our shed was fortunate to network with those attending and resulted in some new members who we welcome to 'the fold'. We now have over 30 members with an increasing number of regular attendees.

Strathfield Lions Club has come to the rescue

10:31PM - 11th March 2011 Posted by dan

The wonderful people at the Strathfield Lions Club have come to the rescue for the Chalmers Rd PS cubby house. We will be allocated $200 for additional material for the material we still need for the cubby house. This money will be used for the bessa blocks and protective plastic covers for the doorway and windows and guttering. If all goes to plan the members of the lions club will arrange to have a BBQ at the presentation once it is all organised.

South East Queensland District Exhibit needed a hand

10:08PM - 24th June 2011 Posted by admin

Several Strathfield Mensshed members volunteered to help with the District Exhibits construction at the 2011 Royal Easter Show. The recent floods in SE Queensland meant that some regular Queensland farmers were required to look after their properties instead of attending the Show. The Mensshed volunteers were engaged in the design and fabrication of parts of the SE Queensland (and Central NSW) exhibits. The work required for the SE Queensland exhibit included fabrication of lighting screens. wooden shelving for fruit and vegetable displays, polystyrene boxing to hold the fruit and vegetable displays, wooden fabrications to mirror the buildings in the display, waterproof boxes for hydroponic plants, wooden boxes at the front of the exhibit for the display of nuts, bottled preservatives and wines, and two wooden wind turbines placed at the top of the display. The majority of the work provided was in wood, polystyrene, and PVC. All items were covered in bird seed glued on with PVA to meet the RAS Exhibit requirements. About 14 mandays were contributed to the two displays by Mensshed members. The SE Queensland Exhibit won first prize. Frank.

Electronics and computer room

10:05AM - 27th February 2011 Posted by dan

Now that the cubby house project is back in action we have managed to create a working space for the electronics and computer workshop. We have quite a few items that need to be tested. Any members with an interest in electronics (or just a couriosity) are encouraged to come along and have some fun. The plan is to have a work space that people can use to repair electronic equipment or tinker with circuits and maybe we will aim at establishing a HAM RADIO station. There was some talk of starting to play with some robotics and possibly some radio control stuff too. It would be a lot of fun to explore some of the possibilities as we establish a good working environment in the new workshop. We are looking to acquire some test gear such as power supplies, signal generators, an osciliscope and all sorts of other machines. If you have any or know of any that can be obtained please contact me by email or catch me in the shed. If there is enough interest in the workshop I will be looking to open it seperately one evening during the week.

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