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Our current projects

 Project in progress

Metal work area of the shed is being getting a make over while the new electrical system is being put in. Should be ready Mid 2012.


 Project in progress,Community based

The Children from a local school were encouraged to do a painting which the guys from the shed will turn in jig saw puzzles


 Personal Project in progress December 2011

Robby with the table he is making using recycled old table legs to a new table for a inlayed tile chest board.


Completed project December.

Peter has been at it again with a differant colour version of his service station.


 Completed project December 2011

Portable exercise steps


Project in progress- Members work

Ken’s boat is gradually taking shape. Ken is seen here testing the steam box to be used to shape the hull planks this was happening  late December.



Project in Progress- members work

Stewart seen her working on his garden stowl 

Project in Progress -

George proudly showing the progress on his musical jewelry box.


Progrect Completed  November/December Community based.

The refurbishment of the sand Tray


Project in Progress

Instillation of new electrical cables and lighting is on the way



Project in Progress update December 2011

Ongoing - Gardening

The  garden pots are sitting there but need same soil not easy to come by so the guys have commenced a compost heap.Within a couple of months we should have enough soil to fill our garden bins.


Project Completed Oct/Nov 2011- Community Bases

Peter  built a car garage also for Burwood Lions Club Christmas Hamper. 


Project in Progress Oct/Nov 2011-Community Based

Rodger seen building a Doll House for the Burwood Lions Club Christmas Hamper 


 Completion Sept 2011 – Member/community Project



Model built and Designed by Frank a Worm-Bed Composting Toilet.

A teaching model 1/5th scale to explain the principles and processes involved in safetly converting human waste to fertilizer.

Technology that village people are able to build and maintain.

Particularly useful for islands and costal areas where ground water may be contaminated by pit toilets.


Completed August 2011 - Members work 

A Members friend had the problem of having the computer tower on the floor which created a hassel when wanting to clear behind it. 

The trolley runs on hidden castersmaking making it easy to pull out when needed. Manufactured from recycled wood from the shed & casters also recycled form another life.



Project in progress - Members work

Barry has designed this model car. Many hours have gone into the perfecting each of the separate parts 

. Barry is always happy to show you the progress he has made.






Ongoing - Landscaping & Gardengeing  

The front yard of the Shed has been transformed from a waste area to a garden that has been designed and created by members.

Materials used, donated pathers forming the two paths that are a feature of the garden. Plants have been donated from member’s home gardens. 

Always happy to have assistance with the ongoing maintenance



Completed April 2011 - Members Work

Craft needlework stand completed by Patrick for his daughter.

Made from recycled surveyors tripod table donated by the University of Sydney and other recycled wood.



Completed May 2011   - fun 

Novelty out houses were designed and made by members for sale at the Strathfield Council Olde Fashion Fair held on the 7th May in Strathfield Square.

All material used was recycled with the plywood been donated by F.A. Mitchell & Co. P/L. There remain a few examples left for sale. enquires, see contact us link


Completed June 2011 - Community Based

Greencart made for the Marrickville Council Globe Wilkins Preschool. The cart is used by the children to carry their lunches,drinks and gardening tools for when they are out attending to their gardens 


Project in progress

Presently being constructed by Rodger 


Project in progress - Members work

Robbie in the process of redesigning a table from recycled legs to make a unique coffee table.

Wednesady 7/9/11 the table received its first coat of paint, Robbie is seen waiting for the paint to dry.


Completed - August 2011 - Community Based

Magnetic Boardsmade for Yagoona Year 1 students form plywood supplied by F.A. Mitchell & Co. P/L.

The Teacher advises that these will assist the children with letter & number recognition, forming of sentances  & hand eye cordinadion. 


Project completed December 2011- Community Based

Peter proudly shows off his rocking horse/larma which has been donated to the Chalmers Road School 


Project in progress - Community Based

These are examples of the Reading Tables that the Members of the Shed designed and made for Bass Hill Public Schol Vision Support Service.

Using plywood donated by F.A. Mitchell & Co. P/L.

Presently a number of tables have been delivered,to Sue Leong Asst Principal (Vision). We have been told by Margaret & Bassma that these tables have been a great assistance to the Children.



Completed -    August 2011 - Coimmunity Based

This Book holder Cabinet was completed for Yegoona Public School year 1 class. Using plywood donated to the Shed by F.A. Mitchell & Co. P/L. The book were previously were stored in boxes.

The Teacher says that the books are now easy to store in correct stage order making things that little bit easier



Completed -  June 2011 - Community Based

The Cubby House presented to Chalmers Road Public School made possible with the assistance by Strathfield Lions Club who providing funds to help with the purchase of materials .

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